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What You Don't Know Could Be Costing You a Fortune!

There is not always the chance of getting the free services like getting free phones altogether. It is for the purposes of meting out to the disadvantaged phones under the government scheme, which requires some work from the government too. Cell phones have become an integral part of the equation of all our lives, so it is entirely a part of the survival scheme for the unfortunate people who cannot afford to have the basic needs be met in these days.

Who Pays

The Government rolls out the cash that is required for the payment of the equipments and free minutes that are being awarded to the people under the Scheme. The Life Line Assistance as the program is put out to be comes out to offer a free cell phone service with up to 250 free minutes and a similar number of texts too for every month, some states offer more, some lesser.

Cell Phone

Just because the phone is coming out of the coffers of the Government, does not mean that you will get phones any inferior, or a cheap knock off. You will get the basic modern phone, which will serve the basic needs that need to be met now with one’s phone. There is not just the phone, but also the free minutes, not all that much, but at least you are getting something and that too entirely for free. This is in turn funded by the other Americans, as some charge levied on them.

Plans and Companies

There are a few companies to name who are leading in terms of this Assistance program of the government, and these are: Safelink Wireless, Assurance Wireless and ReachOut Wireless. These are the most known ones in terms of the Government scheme, and mostly the plans do not vary much, but are overlapping. The qualifications of getting the phones and acquiring the eligibility are also not all that different, but quiet common for all the subscribers to the scheme, as it is a government plan. So to stay in touch, to look for employment and of course to be able to contact or be contacted in times of emergency this comes out to the fore as a great support upon the initiative of the government.

Some call the phone ‘Obama Phone’ but then again that have been wrongly credited so, when it was actually the plan under the Bush Administration to give out free cell phones. This scheme dates back to the times when there were free services of landline being made out to the unfortunate, but now keeping up with times, that scheme would have been more and also looked more redundant. The companies also take care of the service and maintenance needs of the phones, so it is not all that difficult to get hold of them to assist you after you have got the phones in your hands. So make the most use of it.


The Government Shouldn’t Be Giving Free Cell Phones to the Poor!

Have you heard about the free cell phones? I am sure you must have. The government is promoting it well to let the people know about this scheme. The program is run by the federal government under which low income individuals and welfare recipients receive the free cell phones. Is this real? Yes it is real, however not completely. The government is not giving the free cell phones. The federal government has a program Lifeline which provides the subsidy of $10 for the welfare recipients and the phone service companies converts this subsidy into free phone service. They phone service companies provides free call minutes to the welfare recipients and also they give free phones to them on their own.
Although the government is not giving away the phones for free but they are giving the free phone services. But where does the amount of $10 which has been giving to the welfare recipients as subsidy comes from? Undoubtedly, it comes from our tax we pay to the government. The government is reaping the pockets of the common taxpaying people to feed the poor.
It is good to help the poor. One must help the miserable. But it is not like giving the necessities of life. The government has been giving the food and clothes and medicines to the poor for free and that is appreciable but helping them with the luxuries! Do you really think that the cell phone is not a luxury and a necessity? Even some areas of the country are also providing the free internet service to the poor.
The government should definitely help the poor but handing everything for free is not a solution. It cannot reap the pockets of the average income individuals.
The current nature of the government shows that the poor do not need to work anymore. Everything they want will be provided to them by the government. Why do they need to work? Why to spend 10-12 hours a day at work? The government is providing each and everything you need even the luxuries. All you need to be is to sit back and remain jobless and poor, that’s it. The government will come and feed you.
This nature of government has made the poor guys lazy and now they do not want to work at all. Work and job seems to be meaningless to them and this condition seems to be precarious. Soon there will be no workmen on the fields and big guys have to leave their comfortable office to fix the plumbing or the broken furniture.
The scenery doesn’t ends here. An empty is said to be dangerous. When there will be nothing to do for the poor guys, they will engage themselves in mordacious acts.
The government must have been thinking to increase the living standard of the poor guys but handing them everything for free is no good. It will decrease their ambitions and they cannot reach the greater luxuries on the pities.
The government should look for the greater plans and try to increase the employment opportunities. Only employment can help them fight their circumstances.


They Laughed When I Said I'd Get Free Cell Phone Service-But When I Got a Free Government Phone They Begged Me for My Secret!

A few days ago I learned about the free cell phones offered by the government. I did not believe it when I saw it for the first time. I thought it will be like other schemes where they promise to give the freebies but a number of factors go wrong and you end up with nothing. All the dreams are clattered and your friends who know that you have applied, laughs at you behind your back. Like any other person I thought that it is a way of publicity. The time passed and I forgot about it.

After some time I hear some news about the free cell phones again from a friend of my neighbor. He said that the program is government supported and it has been started to help out the poor with their phone bills. I am no rich and the phone bills are haunting me too at nights. I was always reluctant to call anyone. I call my friends only when it is extremely necessary and unavoidable. The Lifeline program seems good to me and applied for it. The application procedure was easy and anyone can do that.

After a day I told my friends about it and as I expected they laughed at me like hell. They made fun of me and said that I am hopeless. No such scheme ever worked and I will prove myself a fool at the end. I felt a little ashamed but not guilty. I have not spent a penny from my pocket. I just applied online with a friend’s computer and therefore I was relaxed. No matter whether I receive the free phone or not, nothing will be changed if it’s not.

After two weeks of my application for the free phone service, I received my free phone on the address I mentioned in the application. Now it was my time to laugh. I called all my friends at home and showed them my new brand phone for free. By that time the free phone service was also activated and I can call anyone for free. I told them that too and the face of my green eyed friends was worth watching. They plead me to tell them about my secret.

I revealed the secret of the phone that I received the phone from the government program Lifeline. I told them that I received the phone for free and free call minutes and text messages too. Besides free calls and messages I also got voicemail, caller ID and call waiting facility too.

I have half feared that the network will not be good and then the phone will be of no use. But as they have promised the network is also good as they have tied with the best network providers of America. I can also make international calls for free and can recharge my phone with the excellent airtime cards of TracFone. I just can’t believe that I have received the phone and free phone service and not have to pay any money for it.

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